Business Lessons Learned from the Olympic Games: Success is a Process

[blockquote text=’Here’s to the Olympic competitors that have triumphed through great adversity, who have faced defeat and who have gotten up each day to start again with renewed vigor. We will be watching. We will be cheering you on. We will be captivated by your stories, we will feel your losses and we will celebrate your wins. We share the belief that it is never too late to dream. Let the games begin!’ quote_author=’Vonda Dyer | Minerva Consulting’ text_color=” width=” background_color=” border_color=”]

3. Success is a process. It’s not an overnight victory.

Small wins build toward big victories over time. Every athlete knows that a stack of good days are built on a mountain of difficult ones. Smart businesses understand that small accomplishments inform future endeavors and build confidence in taking new risks and pave the way for innovative thinking.

US Hurdler Lolo Jones was on her way to victory in the 2008 Olympics, when she hit the next to the last hurdle and stumbled, finishing out of the medals. She finished fourth in 2012. In her quest for an Olympic medal, Jones has turned to the bobsled for the 2014 Winter Games. Let’s watch the story unfold!