Our Team

Meet the team

Our team comes from creative agencies, nonprofits, and political campaigns. We have a diverse range of skills and experiences, but the one thing we all have in common is we want our work to inspire.

Evelyn Aldridge Headshot

Evelyn Aldridge

Senior Account Manager

Leah Burris Headshot

Leah Burris

Social Media Director

Meredith Cantrell Headshot

Meredith Cantrell

Senior Account Manager

Anthea Danby Headshot

Anthea Danby

Executive Account Director

Vonda Dyer Headshot

Vonda Dyer

Chief Creative Officer

Ashley Elsey Headshot

Ashley Elsey

President & CEO

Jeff Gilliam Headshot

Jeff Gilliam

VP Business Operations

Kelly Gilliam Headshot

Kelly Gilliam

Social Media Manager

Ammie Hauck Headshot

Ammie Hauck

Executive Assistant to Ashley Elsey

Isabelle Hernandez Headshot

Isabelle Hernandez

Photographer / Account Coordinator

Austin Hines Headshot

Austin Hines

VP of Multimedia

Meredith McKee Headshot

Meredith McKee

Chief Strategy Officer

Matt McNeill Headshot

Matt McNeill

Multimedia Director

Bella Montague Headshot

Bella Montague

Account Coordinator

Erika Oliver Headshot

Erika Oliver

VP of Design

Alex Payne Headshot

Alex Payne

Account Director

Liane Smith Headshot

Liane Smith

Account Director

Madison Sosa Headshot

Madison Sosa

Social Media Coordinator

Abby Wager Headshot

Abby Wager

Account Director

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We’re always looking for talented people. Drop us a line if you’re interesting in joining the Minerva family!