Business Lessons Learned from the Olympic Games: Inspiration

[blockquote text=’Here’s to the Olympic competitors that have triumphed through great adversity, who have faced defeat and who have gotten up each day to start again with renewed vigor. We will be watching. We will be cheering you on. We will be captivated by your stories, we will feel your losses and we will celebrate your wins. We share the belief that it is never too late to dream. Let the games begin!’ quote_author=’Vonda Dyer | Minerva Consulting’ text_color=” width=” background_color=” border_color=”]

9. Inspiration is viral.

Inspiration is contagious. In sports and business, it’s a more compelling win if your audience is inspired in the process. We like to call it the “me, too” effect. It evokes hope, invites us to dream and initiates a greater desire in all of us to leave our unique fingerprint on humanity through our collective efforts. Pass on your inspiration.

Named the Top Sports Moment of the 20th Century by Sports Illustrated, here is the victory that captivated a nation. Because of this game, the following game, in which the U.S. beat Finland 4-2 to secure the gold medal, drew 32.8 million viewers. This was a record that still stands today, even though it was aired live on a Sunday morning.