Business Lessons Learned from the Olympic Games: Risk is Essential

[blockquote text=’ Here’s to the Olympic competitors that have triumphed through great adversity, who have faced defeat and who have gotten up each day to start again with renewed vigor. We will be watching. We will be cheering you on. We will be captivated by your stories, we will feel your losses and we will celebrate your wins. We share the belief that it is never too late to dream. Let the games begin!‘ text_color=” width=” background_color=” border_color=” quote_author=’Vonda Dyer | Minerva Consulting’]

6. Risk is essential.

Risk is inevitable if you are going to pave unforeseen creative pathways and discover innovative outcomes in your business strategies. Every great athlete can testify that calculated risk provides adrenaline that fuels experimentation into the unknown. Failing forward is critical part of risk. Where there is risk, there is the possibility of greater reward.

Skier Hermann Maier of Austria survived a horrific crash in the Downhill at the 1998 Nagano Games. He went on to win gold in two other events days later.