Five Campaigns that Made an Impact in 2014

Communications has always had the power to change culture, business, our world. But now this power is in the hands of us all. It is an incredible opportunity and the greatest responsibility.

We wanted to share a few campaigns from 2014 that had an impact on the world, on communications and on our team.

ALS Challenge
The truly viral campaign took over summer raising more than $34 million for research into ALS. Everyone from Bill Gates and Oprah to President George W. Bush and Minerva participated.

The Interview
In the midst of the Sony hack it was unclear if the movie would be released. Cue YouTube – the number two most powerful search engine and the first outlet to announce they would release the movie. Could this change how movies are released?

The impactful campaign from Always completely changed how we hear the phrase “like a girl.”

CVS Goes Smoke Free
CVS found their why this year and they made a big change in going smoke free to keep America healthy.

Around the globe, people stood in solidarity against the heinous kidnapping of over 300 young girls in Nigeria and demanded the world take notice and action.

For Minerva this year has been quite a ride. We have been blessed with clients who took a chance on us, believed in us and let us believe in them. Together, we worked to change the narrative; to get into the crust of who are clients are and who they serve. To all of our clients, we are so very grateful for you and for the privilege to tell your stories.

We look forward to working with you to create an impact on the world around us in 2015!