Five Things We’re Obsessed With – Dec. 12.

Here’s the rundown of the five things we can’t stop thinking, talking and tweeting about this week. #ICYMI.

Instagram Just Keeps Growing and GROWING.
On Wednesday Instagram announced it has 300 million monthly active users, making it more popular than Twitter (which has 284 million). The social media site will also begin rolling out verified accounts.

Minerva's Instagram


Serial is Airing its Finale Next Week.
In this week’s episode of Serial, Sarah Koenig announced that next week would be the finale for the “season.” If you aren’t listening you have less than a week to binge listen. If you are, you understand.

Grumpy Cat Makes More Money than You.
It’s probably weird to be jealous of a cat. But I think it’s weird that Grumpy Cat has reportedly earned nearly $100M since blowing up the Internet in 2012 and still looks so grumpy (note: his owner denies the figure). As a dog owner, the obsession with this cat also confuses me.


Time’s Person of the Year.
It can’t be easy to pick the person of the year, but every December we anxiously await the issue. This year Time recognized the medical teams who have risked infection and death to fight the spread of Ebola. Amazing work, by amazing people.

The Dallas Morning News had a Makeover.
Our daily paper’s website got a refresh this week. It’s cleaner and easier to navigate. We dig it.

Dallas Morning News