Minerva Spotlight: Katie Smith


Meet the newest member of the Minerva team, Katie Smith. While she is just about to enter into wedlock, she is still starry eyed over Chris Pratt. Katie is a ray of sunshine in the office living with the motto: there are two things you can always control – your attitude and your effort. Katie dreamed of being a dancer when she was a child, but opted to be a marketing genius instead and we are so glad she did!





Learn more about Katie in our Q&A:


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What was your first job? Front desk at my dance studio in high school

What was the first album you ever bought? Hanson! Mmmmmmbop

Biggest childhood fear: Oompa Loompas

What was your childhood dream job? Ballerina

Go-to Karaoke song: The Proclaimers “500 Miles”

Dogs or Cats? Dogs

Truth or Dare? Truth

Who is your celeb-crush? Chris Pratt

What celeb would you play you in a movie? Kristen Wiig if she was 5’9

What book are you currently reading? The Boys in the Boat

Favorite TV show: SNL

Have any guilty pleasures? Reality TV

Most embarrassing fact about you: My parents spelled my first name wrong when I was born (Katlin)

If this was your last meal…you would have: A gigantic soft pretzel

Favorite social media outlet? Instagram

Biggest pet peeve? Gum smacking

If you could be another Minerva employee for the day who would it be? Ashley!

Life motto? There are two things you can always control – your attitude and your effort

Which of Snow White’s dwarfs describes you? Happy