post in real time

Posting in real time is all about good manners.

Speak When Spoken To

I know my mom must have said it a million times, but it bears repeating.  We established here that a conversation is happening about you and your business online; with or without you.  So when your customer or client speaks, well, you better be ready to say something meaningful in response.

In this Forbes article, Mashable’s Shannon Duffy is quoted as saying, “Whether in-person or over 140 characters, likability will forever separate closers from steak-knife winners.  Sales reps should routinely participate in social media training.”  With each client, we are dedicated to round-the-clock monitoring of each and every mention of the business, related hashtags, news and articles.  And whoever is responsible for your social media should be doing the same.  Put your ear to the ground.

Say You’re Sorry

When someone says something negative about you, acknowledging your mistake is greatly appreciated.  In these research findings from evolve24, more than half of the customers who used Twitter to complain about a brand said they expected the company to read their tweet and  83% said they loved or liked hearing from the company in response.  Again, this is less about talking and more about listening.

Don’t Wait to Send a Thank You Note

In the same vein, when someone says something nice about you, a simple “thank you” will do.  This holds true for face-to-face marketing opportunities as well. Don’t wait until the next day to hashtag, post pictures, thank your host or your guests for attending and tag everyone you can.  Do it now. While it’s happening.  When it matters.

This can also be a great way to acknowledge your employees and co-workers.  “Outstanding presentation today @EmployeeJoeSmith @YourCompanyName.”  In less than 140 characters you’ve boosted morale, encouraged outstanding performance and let your customers know that you value gratitude.  That’s a lot of return on 140 little characters.

Check back again on Friday and for a great strategy for planning your content in advance.