why? the series — Pinterest

Pinterest’s usefulness has yet to reach its boundary. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, Pinterest is not just for cakeball recipes, Polyvore links, and (amazing) craft ideas! If utilized well, Pinterest is a strong force for B2B marketing.

According to a study by the social media analytics firm Simply Measured, 69 of the world’s top 100 brands now have Pinterest accounts, and Pinterest is still driving more traffic to websites and blogs than Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or YouTube. – Copyblogger

Since being used by some of the world’s top companies, the developers of Pinterest took the hint and added a new “business account” for brands that want to use pinning to market their companies. You can either convert a personal account into a business one or simply create a new business account!

Once you have changed to a business account there are a few things you can do to enhance your brand and company’s impact on Pinterest. One of the easiest ways to get pins and repins is to create well-designed and clean infographics. Infographics are such a useful way to get information about your company out into a world that thrives on images.

Another great way to attract B2B attention to your Pinterest account is to display your work culture! Show people what happens in the office! Give them a glimpse into the culture your company reflects, this gives personality to business. As you display your work culture, be sure to also show the way your company is impacting the community. In a sense, you want to “show off” your good deeds! People and business want to be associated with businesses that are making a lasting impact on this world.

It is crucial to have a “Pin It” button on your site. If you don’t it is like turning down free advertisement. Why would you do that to your business? If you want to raise brand awareness, get a “Pin It” button so that your readers can Pin your content. This means they’ll not only go back and read it again, but they’ll also be sharing that content with all of their Pinterest followers. Then it will get re-pinned by their followers. As you can see, the end results are limitless!

Pinterest can be used for B2B marketing if you have the know-how. It is a culmination of good instincts, clean infographics, and strategy.

Happy Pinning!

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