10 DAYS OF THINGS WE LOVE – #4 – Museums

Museums are a relaxing way to spend a Sunday and lucky for us Dallas has plenty of venues to choose from. We interviewed our uber creatives to pick out the top artistically stimulating museums.

Museums We Love

1. The Warehouse (Rachofsky x Faulconer collections)
2. Goss Michael Foundation (Michael x Goss collections)
3. Dallas Contemporary Museum
4. Dallas Museum of Art (DMA)
5. Nasher Sculpture Center

The Warehouse and Goss Michael Foundation are private collections managed in a way that never fail to push the envelope on defining art. You will find creativity there that moves you. It may not always be phenomenally complex, but it stirs the soul on a basic human level.

The Dallas Contemporary is the similar. As a rotating exhibition space, they host different installations every few months. The artists they bring to Dallas are often on an international scale. The general theme of the exhibits are fueled by exclusivity and hype. Their most recent opening featured Loris Greaud, an artist from Paris who has never shown in North America until now. His installation was structured around the concept of “Irresolution”. The opening night was limited to museum members. During the event, hired actors came in and destroyed a portion of the work. Framed paintings were ripped from the walls and smashed, monumental sculptures were pushed down and broken to reveal multiple layers, and delicate lifesize figurines were thrown across the exhibit. People were rushed out and there was massive confusion. The next day, the museum hosted a public sit down with the artist and opened the floor for an explanation, reactions and questions. This experience exemplified how art can be exciting, impactful and not just designed for the surrounding culture.

As far as the DMA and the Nasher are concerned, they are timeless museums. They offer a well-rounded variety of classic artwork from ages ago, combined with artists making their mark on our current creative landscape.