change the narrative

Every company has a narrative, a story to tell. The consumer has endless access to options and information demanding that you differentiate yourself within the marketplace.  And it starts with your story.  This is your chance to change the narrative.

It is a new day of capitalism and the younger generations are demanding meaning and purpose that does not do away with the bottom line but pushes past it.  Companies like Trader Joe’s and Patagonia have hundreds of applicants vying for each position within their organizations because they have decided that their employees and their customers matter.  Not only is the market place rewarding their efforts but they are securing the best human resources around.  As they give back to their stakeholders – employees, customers and stockholders – the world acts as a very round place and returns in kind.

These companies are forcing their competitors to change the narrative.  The story is no longer defined by the lowest price but by the quality of the experience. TOMS shoes aren’t priced for a fast sell but for the modern consumer who is anxious to be invited into a story of something bigger than themselves.  Products and companies now have the opportunity to turn customers into brand ambassadors.  Traditional advertising is replaced by the story the consumer tells about your business.