deliver an experience

To create an event experience requires a comprehensive strategy coupled with a clearly defined audience and thoughtful execution.  From the creation of the vision to each intricate detail, every component must be carefully crafted into a greater story.   Invitations.  Graphics.  Video.  Voiceovers.  Menu.  Messaging. Talent.  Flow.  Atmosphere.  Aesthetics.  It all matters.  An unforgettable experience can elevate your organization and have a lasting impact on your constituencies.

So how can you deliver an experience instead of putting on an event?  Empathy.  Take your toes and slide them into your attendees shoes and see how that feels.  Now start at the beginning.   What do I want this person to feel when they open up my invitation?  It could be excited, surprised, inspired, or even cause a little laughter.  What you don’t want them to feel is merely informed.  Experiences go beyond informing; they cause us to feel something.

Next is your event, which doesn’t start with butts in seats but with butts in cars.  From the moment they open their door, you have the chance to make an impact on how they feel about your organization.  Do you want them to feel important?  Offer valet.  Do you want them to feel welcomed?  Place a greeter in the parking area or at the valet stand.  Once they move inside the building, you have the chance to speak to all five senses: taste, touch, sight, sound and smell.  And the options are endless.

Don’t just put on another event.  Deliver an experience.