Another week, another list of obsessions from dopplegangers to glitter. Yes, glitter.

The college football national championship was at Jerry World earlier this week. Our very own Ashley Elsey was in the stands cheering for OSU. But the other game sighting that we can’t stop talking about is Bob Newhart’s doppleganger (and the real Bob Newhart winning at RTM).

Bob Newhart Tweet

For those of us who don’t know a touchdown from a home run – award season is here! The Golden Globes were Sunday, and the Oscars announced their nominations yesterday. And while the Lego Movie was snubbed – the director’s attitude is “everything is awesome.”

Lego Movie

Facebook is looking at launching a corporate social networking service for companies to use for internal communications called Facebook at Work. We just have one question, will it have stickers?

Pew Research Center found that women who regularly tweet, email and post photos on their mobile devices are 21 percent less stressed. This explains why the women in our office are so zen.

A guy started a company called Unfortunately, the evil mastermind can’t meet the demand of people seeking the crafting-inspired revenge.