We’ve had a fun week at Minerva with everything from video shoots to #SOTU Twitter chats. Never fear, between it all we still found plenty of things we couldn’t stop talking about at the lunch table.

We all are addicted to Spotify around here. This past week they curated a playlist of Martin Luther King, Jr. speeches that are inspiring.

In #deflategate we aren’t going to choose sides, but we do think that Krispy Kreme won the brand war on social media.

We are sad to see our favorite inflight entertainment go. Skymall announced bankruptcy this week, which is not surprising because who really needs a giant garden yeti? But do you think it’s too late to get the puppy stairs?

Google may soon be a wireless carrier option. Considering Google already knows everything about us anyway, they might as well be our wireless carrier.

In case you missed it, Bon Appetit named the kolache one of the “It Foods” of 2015 earlier this year. We agree with Texas Monthly and are glad the delicious breakfast food is finally getting its due because kolaches have been our “it food” since we could chew. So we end this week with a question, where do you find the best kolaches in Texas?