Five Things We’re Obsessed With: Oscars Edition

Here at Minerva we love movies. So it goes without saying we were crowded around our TV sets last night watching the Oscars. So without further ado, here’s our list of the five things we’re obsessed with – Oscars edition.

  1. We start things off with the red carpet where #askhermore challenged reporters to ask actresses about their work, instead of their dresses. Reese Witherspoon even posted a few suggested questions on her Instagram to help reporters out.

    Instagram - @reesewitherspoon
    Instagram – @reesewitherspoon
  2. No one was geeking out over the Oscars more than our BFF Oprah. Watching her reactions throughout the night was almost as good as sharing our couch with her. Almost. #wherewasgayle
  3. JK Simmons won best supporting actor for Whiplash last night, and in his acceptance speech he reminded us all to call our parents. Done and done.

  4. We adored Eddie Redmayne’s acceptance speech. His was the true face of joy as he accepted the award and paid tribute to the Hawking family.
  5. And finally, The Lonely Island, Questlove and Batman joined Tegan and Sara to perform “Everything is Awesome” from The Lego Movie. This is unofficially the Minerva theme song, because everything is awesome when you’re part of our team. Cue dance party.

    There were so many great moments and movies. So tell us – what were your favorite moments from last night?