There is one thing our entire office is over: snow. But there are five things other than the weather we can’t stop talking about: stock photos, live streaming, grammar, basketball and well, ourselves.

  1. We are not really fans of stock photos around here, it’s just a necessary evil sometimes. However, we love the stock images the marketing team for Vince Vaughan’s new movie “Unfinished Business” created to promote the film. They definitely had us talking and laughing. Business fulfills each and every one of them
  2. A live streaming video app that links to Twitter? Sign us up! Already a darling of journalists, brands and celebs Meerkat may just be the next big thing on social. We’ll be testing it out over the next week and report back. picstitch
  3. For you grammar nerds out there we wanted to share one of our favorite blogs via The New York Times, “After Deadline: Newsroom Notes on Usage and Style.” Enjoy.
  4. This Sunday, Coach Larry Brown and his SMU Mustangs will host Tulsa in Moody. The winner will be the No. 1 seed for The American Championship. Pony Up!

    *The writer of this week’s post is a proud SMU grad so this one may be slightly biased.

  5. And last, but not least, ourselves. It was employee appreciation day yesterday and this is a group of folks we’re pretty obsessed about…#MinervaLove