1. This week’s obsession blog comes to you live from the sky between Los Angeles and Dallas via Southwest airlines. So I’ll tell you I’m completely, utterly obsessed with all of their new direct routes out of Love Field. And we don’t mind the new planes either.

NB_14lovefield3The Dallas Morning News

2. We’ve told you before we love a good marketing stunt for a movie. Last week during Paris fashion week the guys from Zoolander walked during the Valentino show and it was everything.

ZoolanderPascal Le Segretain/Paramount Pictures

3. There is an Inn in Maine that you can own simply by mailing in a 200-word essay and $125. That is how the current owner took over 22 years ago. There is at least one person in our office that is working on their essay…

B&BGetty Images

4. There were a few product launches this past week with Apple. But HBO’s subscription service through Apple TV is a game changer for media. And Cable providers.

HBOEric Risberg/AP

5. We end with a story that inspired us. At Minerva we are lucky to partner with clients we believe in as they work to make a difference in our community. Last week Greg Russell, a former Amazon vp, decided he needed to believe in what he was doing and wanted to make an impact beyond shipping boxes around the world. He left the company and began working for the Seattle police department. A bold leap for a high-powered executive and we wish him luck on his next position as he ventures to make a difference in his community.

GRSeattle Police Department