Social Media: State of the Union

The world of social media is always changing, and we were so excited to discuss the state of the union with our senior social media manager, Allison Dupuis. She put together this presentation highlighting social media trends for 2015 earlier this year. We hope you enjoy the overview! Have a question? Tweet it at @minervaco for our insight!


Updates as of March 25th 2015

– Twitter acquires Periscope.
Meerkat is the app of the month. Have you tried it?
Ashley Judd vs. Twitter – free speech and cyberbullying
– Facebook purges fan base.

Social platform links:

Vine      Vine

Reddit     Reddit

Wechat     We Chat

Tumblr-icon     Tumbler

We heart it      We heart it

YikYak     Yik Yak

niche     Niche

Whatsapp     Whatsapp