Social Media News Recap – March 2015

Desk with Social Media and Connection Concept

The social media world has had a busy month, with updates, new releases and, least we not forget, the F8 Facebook Developer Conference. While we’re daily living and breathing social updates, we wanted to share some highlights with you!


Live Streaming Apps: Meerkat vs. Periscope.

  • The last two weeks, we’ve determined that Meerkat is the best thing ever. SXSW loves it. Twitter buys Periscope. Twitter shuts down Meerkat from enabling people to find their friends. Twitter launches app. Check out this article that compares the two.
  • Take away: Live coverage is great for events. Twitter is the place to do it. Periscope integrates with Twitter oh-so-nicely.

FB Update

  • Facebook video is working towards continuous play (think Netflix – your next episode will begin in…)
  • Facebook videos can now be embedded on non-Facebook sites (blogs, websites, etc.)
  • Coming soon: Spherical Videos (360 viewing) and video age restrictions and expiration dates.

FB Messenger

  • Facebook messenger open API – businesses can create apps that live and function in messenger
  • Businesses can connect and chat with consumers, sell products, etc.
  • Consumers could can track packages, donate to causes, etc.
  • Takeaway: More videos until FB says stop. Think about how a donation integration could function in messenger. Or how one of our clients should create stickers for an awareness month or their cause.


  • Square gives people and businesses a “$tag” and you can send money to people and business just by using their handles and entering the amount.
  • Could be great at events – especially when connecting with young tech savvy people, small business owners, food trucks, etc.
  • Check out this article explaining it all: