get in the game

Social media is where the game is being played and it’s time to get on the floor.  Social media’s impact on ALL communications both online and offline is irreversible.  Now that the platforms have converged, we are all marketers.  It’s everyone’s job!

The social media universe is staggering: 1B Facebook users, 555M Twitter users, 200M LinkedIn Users.  There is no other means to mass communicate your message to strategically selected audiences. And the bottom line is that these conversations are happening online with or without you.  Developing an active online presence allows you to shape the message, the direction and the content of how your organization is positioned.

If you have answered the questions to our last post and are ready to build your strategy, then here’s what’s next:

  • Run the research.  Identify where your audience is online and who are they paying attention to.  There is no magic to this.  It’s just old fashion hard work and digging.  You can and should use social media tools, of course, but you have to get in there and see what’s happening.
  • Write out the 5 things you want everyone to remember about your company.  This is the foundation of your content.  Craft messages around these 5 things that not only communicate who you are, but also what you can provide for your customers.
  • Develop a calendar of milestones that relate to your company, your industry and your specific projects.  Tailor content around your messages and align them with the calendar.
  • Build content around what your audience wants to know and what will make them interested.  In the end, this is about your clients, employees, vendors and potential projects.  The more you talk about THEM, the more closely you align your businesses and the more likely you are to grow.  Social media gives you the ability to publicly acknowledge and connect to your clients and employees every single day.

The clock is ticking. Are you in?