why minerva loves social media

My partner, Ashley Elsey and I are also sisters and while we are different characters, we have one important thing in common: we are both learners. Ashley and I are constantly reading, writing and processing new ideas and new concepts…for fun.  Online marketing gives us a chance to fly our nerd flag high as we seek to understand the ever-changing landscape of content marketing, social media, public relations and the great marriage of all three.

I asked Ashley to share with me the top three things she learned in 2012 and here’s what she said:

  1.  Social media is not replacing anything you are already doing.  But, it can help make ALL your marketing and communications efforts better.
  2. Communications has never been more important.  Successful companies that survive the social media revolution will integrate communications into the daily operations of their business.
  3. The way you court and engage the press requires you to incorporate all the platforms (content development, social media, email).

I thought I could contribute my findings as well, and here’s what I came up with:

  1. Some things never change: it’s all about relationships.  Social media has given us a chance to connect.  With anyone.
  2. Everyone’s playing the game:  Average social media activity of Fortune 100 companies:
    •  27 tweets per week
    • 3.6 facebook posts per week
    • 7 blogs per month
    • 10 videos per month
  3. It takes hustle: social media is not activity for active sake.  Real connections are made.  But you have to be present, posting in real time and also planning content in advance.

What are the three things you learned about social media and online marketing in 2012?