easton bell tells its story

Recently, Minerva was brought on to work with Easton Bell Sports to freshen up its website.  One of the primary goals was to refocus the site to convey the culture of the organization and tell its story.  As a leader in sports equipment for football, baseball, hockey, cycling and action sports, each brand at Easton Bell comes with its own distinct personality.  The challenge was to connect the common themes and cultures across the enterprise.

As former athletes, the idea of jumping back into the sports world was pretty thrilling.  So we set out to better understand who Easton Bell Sports was – we listened in on meetings, spoke with representatives from the brands, asked questions about what drove each person, why they wanted to be there and read all the material we could find.  We poured over videos, images and products to see what  drove their success.  We found that the brands were unified by their passion to innovate… to find ways to not just be better but to be the best.  Each brand assembles a team of highly competitive, driven and very committed individuals who are accustomed to excelling.   Many are former or current athletes who use the products themselves and know instinctively how to push the limits.  The brands then focus these individuals on the challenge of elevating the performance of each product.  That was a story we connected with and believed others would as well!

We worked closely with the talented designers, human resources, marketing and communications teams resolved to getting this right.  The new site just launched and we are proud to have been associated with its development.  Check them out at eastonbellsports.com.