sage advice: “be human”

Copyblogger’s CMO Sonia brings it home with some sage advice on your social media efforts — Be Human and Get Over Yourself.  We work with companies every day on their social media – strategy and execution.  Let’s be clear — this is your brand voice and you should handle it carefully and respect the platform.  That said, this is the opportunity to authentically connect and engage.

There have been some excellent moments recently where high profile people take a moment to acknowledge their realness.  At the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence just owns that, yes, she fell walking up to get her Oscar.  Marc Rubio launched a water bottle social media circus with his desperate grab during the GOP response to the State of the Union.  Some points about this — first, Lawrence won the Oscar (that means she’s awesome at her craft).  Rubio was giving the response to the State of the Union (that means he’s a big deal in his field – politics aside).  Each person took a moment to be real about what happened.  And people really appreciate that.

This is the same with your brand.  No one person, company, or product is perfect.  So, fly your nerd flag sometimes, show your humanity, geek out a little bit and admit you’re human.  The public loves to know we are all in it together!