minerva founder ashley elsey gets back to business

After taking leave to serve President George W. Bush as the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the Bush Center, Ashley Elsey has returned to Minerva Consulting.

You may not know the history of our business, but in 2003, Ashley founded Minerva Consulting after  leading a Public Affairs team at Verizon where she created Verizon Reads which grew into a multi-million dollar charity.  Ashley began Minerva by helping both startups and Fortune 10s refine their brand voice and clarify their messaging.  Then in 2004, we became Partners.

People often wonder how sisters work together.  I can tell you it is because Ashley is an incredible leader embodying everything it means to be a true Partner.  Her tenacity and determination have inspired me since I was a child.  We are committed to each other, to our clients and to the pursuit of adding real value and meaning to each project.  We are family and it is our goal that each client would feel that we are an extension of their corporate family.  Because we really do care that much.

So welcome back, Ash.  I know I speak for myself and our clients when I say, we couldn’t be more happy to have our family back together.