merry christmas

Minerva Wishes You a Merry Christmas.  We are so very grateful to each of our clients and what they have meant to us personally and professionally.  This year, we want to make sure we connect what is on our hearts to the people that make our business and our dreams possible.  So to celebrate Christmas together, we are honoring our clients by sharing a personal and professional mission with each one.

Year round, Minerva supports an organization called Village of Hope Uganda.  We believe in their mission, saving children orphaned from war, disease and poverty.  There are countless stories of children who have been rescued, not only with shelter and food, but with love and compassion, arms to hug them and gentle hands to guide them.

Minerva sponsors Vicki, the little girl in the photo.

She’s 9 years old and in grade Primary 3 at Village of Hope school where her favorite subject is math.  When she grows up she’d like to be a nurse and to one day help other Acholi orphans.  She likes running and singing.  Each of the children who live at the village have chores to do – Vicky likes to help fetch water and run errands.

When asked what she likes best about living in the Village she says, “What I like best about living at the Village is the Aunties (housemoms and assistants) who take such good care of me and always help correct me — and I like school!”

Her favorite Bible story is “My favorite Bible story is where Jesus says he loves the children and they belong to the Kingdom of God.”

And when asked what she’d like to say to her sponsor: ” I ask God to bless and protect my sponsor and to give them strength so they can continue to help pay for my schooling until University.”

In keeping with Village of Hope Uganda’s campaign to shop with a purpose and in addition to our support of Vicki, Minerva is providing full support of food, education, medical and counseling to a child for one month, feeding seven children for one month and providing trauma counseling to four children for a year.

We are so very grateful for each person who has supported us this last year as we work to make our dreams a reality.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ashley Elsey and Jesse Ihde

For more information about how you or your business can get involved, please visit Village of Hope Uganda or like them on Facebook.