harness your olympic moment

I, along with several million others, have enjoyed the Olympics running ALL day.  I could not help but stay inspired and engaged.  The stories of hard work, dedication, perseverance and relentless practice kept me riveted.  When the national anthem came on, I cried like a baby, especially when the USA athletes mouth the words.  And it’s in part, because I have learned their stories.  They have shared their struggles and invited me on their journey.

There is much that companies can take away from these Olympic games.  As your company develops its growth strategy or looks at how to engage with customers, employees, stockholders, remember it’s about YOUR story.  We want to root for you and we want to connect. Share what makes your company different, why you are in business, what you care about and how you want to serve.  Lay out for us your vision and where you are going.

With all that is going in the world and the cacophony of messages, your story and your willingness to engage is what will make you stand out. Let us share in your Olympic moments!