pretty Is as pretty does

As my mama has ALWAYS said, “pretty is as pretty does.”  It played in the back of my head all growing up…pretty comes from your substance not from your veneer. Today on Copyblogger (we are groupies), a great piece on content marketing reinforced this point.  It’s worth preaching to the rooftops.  It’s about your “inside.”   Design is cool, but if that’s all you have, you will be dead in the water.  The fundamentals of marketing remain the same.  It’s not that consumers weren’t paying attention before, it’s that now they have a megaphone on their handheld.  And if you are not willing to engage, the conversation will go on without you.

The world is smaller.  And that is both exciting and scary.  There are more possibilities, more ideas, more people to touch.  But companies should not be afraid to jump in.  So many business out there are doing great things, important things, not just with their products and services, but also with how they treat their employees and serve their vendors.  Audiences want to know about this.  It encourages and sustains others.

So practically, how to get started?

  • See below and pick two or three types of content you are comfortable with using.
  • Make a calendar for the next two months on what you will discuss.
  • Commit to sharing once a week.
  • Engage the audience you already know is excited about you.

Now, remember as mama says, “pretty is as pretty does.”  So, focus on things that matter and remember it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

Why Content Marketing is the New Branding - Infographic
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