why? the series — twitter

So much of what businesses do is now centered on social media, but why? Why are marketing companies setting their sights to Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram?  “Why?” is a blog series created to help unpack the benefits that social media has on businesses.  First, let’s look at Twitter… Since hitting the scene in […]

we are B-to-B and we don’t need marketing

“Smart companies see marketing as an integral part of doing business — a necessity no less important than the company email system, their computers, or their office lease,” said Sean Jackson, CFO Copyblogger to its CMO Sonia Simone back in 2011. This is the best explanation I have ever read that articulates the true role of marketing […]

communications evolution is on

[blockquote text=’You say you want a revolution…well, you know…we all want to change the world.’ quote_author=’The Beatles’ text_color=” width=” background_color=” border_color=”] The Digital Revolution hit and we are living through its evolution.  The impact of social media on ALL communications both online and offline is irreversible. While platforms are evolving, the reasons why you communicate […]