The Three C’s of Social Media Beginnings

Our social media strategy is a huge part of our efforts when working with our clients. We believe social media efforts help define your brand and can even generate business leads. But, instead of diving deep into the finite details of a specific social platform or strategy, let’s zoom out and look at the basics of a social media campaign.  Begin with the Three C’s – Create, Content, and Connect.

First, Create your profiles on a few of the top social media outlets. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Blogger, are some of the best. But, it’s important not to go overboard.  Start with a few key social profiles, and focus on those.

Content development is key. Second, develop your own content that correlates with your brand – recycle articles in your field, write blogs, and take pictures. Tell your story and share your beliefs through your content. For the best tips on writing copy, as well as great articles to further your knowledge, we highly recommend Copyblogger.

Third, Connect with others that are in your market, not just your target audience.  Engaging with fans on your social profiles is as easy as saying “Thanks for the follow” or occasionally commenting or ReTweeting their updates. Simple comments, Likes, +1’s and ReTweets are a great way to get your name “advertised” outside of your profile page.

Finally, it never helps to learn what NOT to include in your social strategy. Social Media Today shares their Top 10 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid as a handy guide.

These Three C’s are a great foundation on which you build each social platform and eventually become a rockstar on all your social platforms. Now, get rolling, and good luck!