How to ROCK your Facebook page

We know now that Facebook can be utilized to generate profit, develop leads, make connections, and gain exposure for any given company. More and more businesses these days are utilizing Social Media Marketing, and for a good reason. Facebook has almost 700 million daily active users, 820 active monthly mobile users, and 50 million Facebook Pages, all interconnected, sharing what’s most important to them.

But having a successful Facebook strategy can be overwhelming. It can often feel difficult to puncture through the sea of content to connect with new users. We are all still learning as the game changes and grows each day. This article on Social Media Today says businesses should keep testing new ideas and strategies regularly to see how your followers most enjoy engaging.

We also believe the key to success is hard, consistent work. To develop your brand, turn strangers into customers and customers into advocates through Facebook, you have to remain authentic, just like you would in face-to-face connections. With that as our foundation, here are a few tips to totally rocking your Facebook strategy…

  • Define your key messages
  • Develop daily content
  • Post regularly
  • Stay engaged with your audience in real time
  • Utilize interesting images
  • Integrate other social platforms
  • Innovate and hustle