why? the series — LinkedIn

So much of what businesses do is now centered on social media, but why? Why are marketing companies setting their sights to Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest?  “Why?” is a blog series created to help unpack the benefits that social media has on businesses.

We’ve already looked at Twitter and Pinterest. Next up is LinkedIn.

In order to be successful, the top three things that you should incorporate into your LinkedIn strategy is… promote, inform, and create content.

Promoting your LinkedIn account involves many layers of connecting. Simply posting on your page can be beneficial to keep your connections informed and aware of your updates, but to broaden your reach, the use of Groups and Interests is key to promoting your name and brand. LinkedIn provides great tips on how to use your LinkedIn business page. Simply use the search bar at the top of your LinkedIn account to search for a group that fits your category. Once you find a group, start posting Discussions. These discussions will be seen by all the attenders of the group, which means much much more exposure. You can also create your own groups. More tips can be found here.

When informing your connections via updates, it’s important to avoid sales language, company promotions, and sending out too many messages. Free flowing and natural speech are key – even add a touch of sarcasm and comedy are great ways to let your connections know you’re personable. Readers almost always ignore shameless self-promotional posts. Learn more about writing clear copy here.

Content is key. Always. Create and use your own blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, and infographics when possible – these are the perfect way to communicate to your reader that your business is savvy. Talk about and share relevant topics and issues surrounding your industry to communicate that you’re in touch with your market. Pose well thought out questions and then follow up with a well-written blog or article to answer said question. The possibilities are endless, but always remember to keep your audience in mind. Content may be the hardest thing to figure out in your strategy, but don’t over think it. Put thought into what you post, but have fun with it too!