the village of hope

In an article on his new model for giving, Bill gates said of he and his wife Melinda, “We assumed that if millions of children were dying, there would be a massive worldwide effort to save them. But we were wrong. While the private sector does a phenomenal job meeting human needs among those who can pay, there are billions of people who have no way to express their needs in ways that matter to markets. And so they go without.”

Cindy Cunningham, found of Village of Hope Uganda, found children in need with no way to express themselves and dove in to make a difference.  Village of Hope relocates orphan children living on their own, rescued from being child soldiers, to a new home where they are fed, loved on by the village “moms,” sent to school, developed spiritually and emotionally counseled.

Right now, Village of Hope has 150 kids waiting to move into a new village.  Bill goes on in his article to say, “you do not need to be the chair of a large foundation to have an impact on the world.”  At Minerva we believe you can use your voice for someone.  You can change the life of a child.  Your organization or your family does not need to head up a foundation to impact the world.  You can do it right now.  Watch this video to see how we are calling to arms our friends, families, neighbors, colleagues and clients to rescue these children.

Please do what you can.  Make a donation today.