10 Days of Things We Love – #7 – Drinks

For those of us who like to play it safe, here is where you can find quality favorites in Dallas.

Drinks We Love


WeLove_drinks (1)1. The S&S Old Fashioned at Scotch and Sausage.
With over 150 Scotch and Whiskeys to offer, you would think this place has their “dark” liquor drinks down… and they do. Served with Angostura bitters, the traditional orange peel and a cherry, rest assured you are getting the best of one of the most classic cocktails.

2. The Moscow Mule at The Standard Pour.
This place is known for the perfect Moscow Mule. Ingredients including vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, wine, and yes, the copper mug, this favorite is listed first on the cocktail menu. Traveling with a few other mule lovers? Order the Texas Sized Moscow Mule, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

3. The Skittles Sangria at The Common Table
What? Yeah, we know. To some it may sound like a headache in a glass, but there is a reason why it is listed on the drink menu under “local favorites.” Order a glass, or pitcher, of this traditional sangria mixed with fresh fruit and skittles and channel your inner child mixing candy and booze at The Common Table.

Want something different? Here are two favorites uniquely served at their location:

4. The Pozolero at Parliament.
Fidencio Mezcal, Amaro Montenegro and Aperol. Know what any of that means? Us neither. But, add some grapefruit juice and a festive glass to the mix and you have one of our favorite cocktails in Uptown. Don’t question greatness.

5. The Passionfruit Gimlet at Victor Tangos.
I’m sorry, but you can never go wrong with passionfruit. Don’t fight us on this. After freaking out that this cocktail was served in a Gatsby-esque coupe, we then could not get over the perfected sweet tang of the vodka, thyme, passion fruit, lime juice, and extracted pineapple.