three p’s of social media marketing

When we sit down to make an online marketing plan for our clients, part of that plan is developing their social media strategy.  While the execution of the plan takes a lot of work, the plan itself is simple.

Here are the three P’s of Social Media Marketing:

  • Be Present
  • Post in Real Time
  • Plan Content in Advance

Developing online relationships takes time and a good strategy.  First you have to be present.  People are talking about you online with or without your help.  More than half of the people on twitter recommend companies or products.  Are you listening?

Second, you have to post in real time.  Life is happening now.  Ideas are emerging today.  Don’t wait to share with the audience who is already listening.

And finally, plan content in advance.  What milestones are happening within your business?  Do you have any events coming up? Let us see pictures.  Planned content provides the consistency and well developed thoughts your customers will come to expect when you execute a great online strategy.

Check back with us soon for a deeper dive into Being Present, Posting in Real Time and Planning Content in Advance.