the village of hope

In an article on his new model for giving, Bill gates said of he and his wife Melinda, “We assumed that if millions of children were dying, there would be a massive worldwide effort to save them. But we were wrong. While the private sector does a phenomenal job meeting human needs among those who […]

words matter

Words matter.  They are what move us.  They compel us to take action; to vote; to make change; to love; to fight; to go the distance; to believe; to defend; to be the difference.  Today, we have more words coming at us than ever imagined.  It’s easy for them to seem “less.” So, we offer […]

pretty Is as pretty does

As my mama has ALWAYS said, “pretty is as pretty does.”  It played in the back of my head all growing up…pretty comes from your substance not from your veneer. Today on Copyblogger (we are groupies), a great piece on content marketing reinforced this point.  It’s worth preaching to the rooftops.  It’s about your “inside.”   Design is cool, […]

mission: critical

A growing non-profit recently reached out to engage us in developing a framework around telling their expansion story.  To start, I asked them to send me their current communications strategy.  What I got was a tactical template listing out the tools they use to communicate (web, social media, face to face, etc.) and their current […]

light the fire

Working with companies to help shape their brand voice, their strategy and their story has always lit my fire.  That’s a huge part of why I started Minerva Consulting back in 2003, as I believed I could funnel this passion into an enterprise. This has got to be one of the most exciting times to […]

deliver an experience

To create an event experience requires a comprehensive strategy coupled with a clearly defined audience and thoughtful execution.  From the creation of the vision to each intricate detail, every component must be carefully crafted into a greater story.   Invitations.  Graphics.  Video.  Voiceovers.  Menu.  Messaging. Talent.  Flow.  Atmosphere.  Aesthetics.  It all matters.  An unforgettable experience can […]

break through

As communications continue to converge online, we all become marketers!  Businesses need practical creativity and a fundamental understanding of communications to ensure the entrance into the conversation is purposeful and moves the needle.  Social media has emerged as a “must have” for the business community and organizations are grappling with how to harness the power […]

start a conversation

People talk.  And today they broadcast what they have to say with the giant microphones created by social media.  Your brand reputation is being discussed online with or without you. So hit refresh on the way you think about communications and start a conversation about your organization. Marketing, public relations and communications have converged online […]