Marketing and Communications 101 from an Intern

by Kelly Garner, Communications Manager [blockquote text=’Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.’ quote_author=’Winston Churchill’ text_color=” width=” background_color=” border_color=”] “Kelly—Jesse and I spoke, and we would be delighted for you to join us.” These were the words I received in an email from co-founder of Minerva […]

What Is Earned Media and Why Do I Still Need It?

In the age of cheap online advertising and fancy websites you may have overlooked good old-fashioned earned media. Some may call it free media because you don’t have to pay for it, but its better known as earned media because you do have to work for it. Michael Brito, Senior Vice President of Social Business Strategy […]

Content marketing – A guide to creating great content

“Content is King”. In the realm of social media, we believe content really IS King. But, what if we shifted our focus to the audience? Now Audience is King. Great content without an audience turns a reigning King into a pauper of proportionate size very quickly. Identifying and  your King is the first step to […]

The Three C’s of Social Media Beginnings

Our social media strategy is a huge part of our efforts when working with our clients. We believe social media efforts help define your brand and can even generate business leads. But, instead of diving deep into the finite details of a specific social platform or strategy, let’s zoom out and look at the basics […]

How to ROCK your Facebook page

We know now that Facebook can be utilized to generate profit, develop leads, make connections, and gain exposure for any given company. More and more businesses these days are utilizing Social Media Marketing, and for a good reason. Facebook has almost 700 million daily active users, 820 active monthly mobile users, and 50 million Facebook […]

why minerva loves social media

My partner, Ashley Elsey and I are also sisters and while we are different characters, we have one important thing in common: we are both learners. Ashley and I are constantly reading, writing and processing new ideas and new concepts…for fun.  Online marketing gives us a chance to fly our nerd flag high as we […]

get in the game

Social media is where the game is being played and it’s time to get on the floor.  Social media’s impact on ALL communications both online and offline is irreversible.  Now that the platforms have converged, we are all marketers.  It’s everyone’s job! The social media universe is staggering: 1B Facebook users, 555M Twitter users, 200M […]

game on…

The Social Media Revolution is on and it is changing the way we do big things and little things – the way we decide where to eat, talk to our friends, where we select our next location, what nonprofit to support, what cause to connect with, how we land a deal, what vendor we go […]

merry christmas

Minerva Wishes You a Merry Christmas.  We are so very grateful to each of our clients and what they have meant to us personally and professionally.  This year, we want to make sure we connect what is on our hearts to the people that make our business and our dreams possible.  So to celebrate Christmas […]

give your vision a plan

Having a vision without a plan will stop you short of success.  Many leaders are great visionaries.  They see the possibilities of what could be.  They see past pain points in processes to real potential.  But without a plan, a vision will stop short of success. Your organization may be where so many others are […]