Social Media News Recap – March 2015

The social media world has had a busy month, with updates, new releases and, least we not forget, the F8 Facebook Developer Conference. While we’re daily living and breathing social updates, we wanted to share some highlights with you!   Live Streaming Apps: Meerkat vs. Periscope. The last two weeks, we’ve determined that Meerkat is the best thing ever. SXSW […]

Social Media: State of the Union

The world of social media is always changing, and we were so excited to discuss the state of the union with our senior social media manager, Allison Dupuis. She put together this presentation highlighting social media trends for 2015 earlier this year. We hope you enjoy the overview! Have a question? Tweet it at @minervaco for […]


There is one thing our entire office is over: snow. But there are five things other than the weather we can’t stop talking about: stock photos, live streaming, grammar, basketball and well, ourselves. We are not really fans of stock photos around here, it’s just a necessary evil sometimes. However, we love the stock images […]


Another week, another list of obsessions from dopplegangers to glitter. Yes, glitter. The college football national championship was at Jerry World earlier this week. Our very own Ashley Elsey was in the stands cheering for OSU. But the other game sighting that we can’t stop talking about is Bob Newhart’s doppleganger (and the real Bob […]

Five Campaigns that Made an Impact in 2014

Communications has always had the power to change culture, business, our world. But now this power is in the hands of us all. It is an incredible opportunity and the greatest responsibility. We wanted to share a few campaigns from 2014 that had an impact on the world, on communications and on our team. ALS […]


From dictionaries to pugs – here are the five things that we’re buzzing about this week at Minerva.   Merriam Webster announced that “Culture” is this year’s Word of the Year.   According to ShopperTrak tomorrow (aka Super Saturday) will be the biggest shopping day of the year. Bad news for the folks in our […]

Five Things We’re Obsessed With – Dec. 12.

Here’s the rundown of the five things we can’t stop thinking, talking and tweeting about this week. #ICYMI. Instagram Just Keeps Growing and GROWING. On Wednesday Instagram announced it has 300 million monthly active users, making it more popular than Twitter (which has 284 million). The social media site will also begin rolling out verified […]

The Three C’s of Social Media Beginnings

Our social media strategy is a huge part of our efforts when working with our clients. We believe social media efforts help define your brand and can even generate business leads. But, instead of diving deep into the finite details of a specific social platform or strategy, let’s zoom out and look at the basics […]

How to ROCK your Facebook page

We know now that Facebook can be utilized to generate profit, develop leads, make connections, and gain exposure for any given company. More and more businesses these days are utilizing Social Media Marketing, and for a good reason. Facebook has almost 700 million daily active users, 820 active monthly mobile users, and 50 million Facebook […]

why? the series — LinkedIn

So much of what businesses do is now centered on social media, but why? Why are marketing companies setting their sights to Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest?  “Why?” is a blog series created to help unpack the benefits that social media has on businesses. We’ve already looked at Twitter and Pinterest. Next up is […]